Monday, January 16, 2006

Japanese and Dyslexia

An interesting thread over at sci.lang.japan:

Is it possible to be a dyslexic when reading or writing in japanese? Is that affected by the share of kanji in the text? If so - in what way?

An answer that has relevance to us foreign learners comes from declan_mur:

Interestingly we have had two foreigners with dyslexia enrol at Yamasa and make it through the program without major dramas. 1 repeated a term, but both made it past JLPT2 level and would probably pass JLPT1 if they continue their studies. If dyslexia doesn't prevent foreign students from learning how to read and write Japanese, it shouldn't be more of a problem for native speakers, at least in terms of learning process.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Japanese Podcast 101

I'm downloading as we speak.

A little about the Japanese Podcast 101:

Our goal is to make Japanese, easy and fun, while incorporating culture and current issues into our lessons. We believe the more you speak the quicker you learn, so we have designed our program to get you speaking right away. Situational Japanese is heavily stressed, and our 4-member team role play various situations to demonstrate what form of Japanese to use when speaking with friends, customers, executives, etc. Knowing which form to use, separates good speakers from great speakers.

I admit, the dialogues are a little slow, but it's great listening practice and they break down vocabulary wonderfully. Also, you can' t beat having a native speaker.